Apr 6, 2009


I woke up to the flutter of wings in a swirl of dream thinking of angels and hearing spring time up close above the bed. Realizing a bird was flying over me and yelling for Dan I hoped it would be an easy ordeal, with Dan opening up the front doors and the little thing flying right out but as usual it opted for bashing itself on each of the windows in our home, none except the tiniest of which actually open and the little thing missing freedom altogether. Dan and I set to work to wear the bird out, Dan with a long stick and I with a silk dress found on the floor, white with black polka dots and red roses. Dan waving at one end of the house and I waving the small dress at the balcony, the exhausted bird flying between the two largest pieces of stained glass in the house, I was resigned to being up early all hopes of crawling back under the covers and finding the dream I couldn't remember had flown. Finally exhausted and bruised the little bird landed in the sill next to my computer and Dan gently picked him up in a sheet and brought him out the front door and set him on the stoop. It flew away.

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