Apr 1, 2009

Rules of Thumb

I read the entire book and these were the tidbits so unforgettable I felt the need to share them:

Getting Thoroughly Acquainted: It takes 30 hours of conversation to know whether your really like someone. Be wary of anyone who invites you only to places where you can't chat, such as movies, plays or concerts. - B. Bell

Home Run Sponsorship: Putting $1,000.00 behind a sporting event will generate about the same exposure as $10,000 in advertising. -The Wall Street Journal

Blowing Bubbles: One cup of laundry detergent per gallon of water makes spectacular soap for blowing bubbles. - Rulesofthumb.org

Hot Tub Overflow: Soaking in a hot tub adds two to three pints or perspiration per hour per person to the water. - Phil Tomlinson

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