Mar 27, 2009

Brain/Blog Dump

Wow people, I've been on the go for days and my brain feels like mush. I've hit the point where I have to start making lists so I can remember put gas in the car. Tomorrow I hope to pencil in a long hot bath and a date with my DVR. I've just got tooo much to do. I just sent a fax and it's 12:13am. Who sends faxes at 12:13am? Fax spammers and really freaking busy people. Anyway I am having a Miller High Life and thinking of staying up until 1:00 to read my dear blogs that I haven't caught up on for days and I'm wondering if all my digital pals are still kickin'.

I find it ironic that my blog's spell check says that "blog's" is spelled wrong.

I liked the movie Watchmen even with it's very Biblical theme. Oh yeah, I said it; Dr. Manhattan represents Jesus and Ozymandias is Judas. Also I am still really upset about the parents who brought their 6 and 4 year old to see it who sat in front of us. And I really think the person who sold the tickets to that family needs a good lecture on how 'it takes a village.'

I can't wait to cook some squash tomorrow night - I've been craving it for days. There must be some vitamin in squash I need right now.

We (The Stateline Divas) won against the Fox City Foxz' Rollergirl Regiment in Appleton last Saturday 65 to 64 and it came down to the last second so it was a super great game and the ladies we played were very nice and the hotel was great and a good time was had by all. As far as I know, no major injuries - Yay! Thousands of photos HERE (I'm #00.) We play in Beloit against the Paper Valley Flying Squirrels on April 25th. Tickets HERE and the fabuous poster I made for it HERE.

Feeling down? Go read THIS it may make you feel better. My favorite: "Today, I was eating ice cream and I noticed some on my jeans so I wiped it off with my finger and licked it. It was bird shit. FML"

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Mike Lyons said...

Okay, that FML site is hilarious. :) Thanks for sharing.