Mar 3, 2009


I never watch the Bachelor but last night I was bored and Ella and Dan went to bed early. On the advice of the commercial I sat up and watched the three hour conclusion. Wow! What an entertaining, voyeuristic, awkward piece of television.


I love Obama and the things he's getting done.


As of labs run yesterday and a low fever, Ella has Influenza A, and despite this story Tamiflu kicked her flu in the ass and she's feeling better in one day. Our insurance only covers so much and there is no generic equivalent so between co-pays and fresh bottles of children's Motrin and Tylenol and new coloring books for time spent on the couch here's the final score: Flu 0 vs Us -$112.63 The flu has taken on another challenger and picked a fight with Dan today but I called the doc and hopefully he'll call something in for Dan. The projected final score for those of you in the sports books biz: Flu 0 vs Us -$162.63


Pink Dolphin

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