Mar 12, 2009

Still on a Roll

I think it may be a cinnamon roll because today was full of funny. Lunch with my pal who has the best stories ever, Discovery Center with kiddo ala the membership Mom gave us for Christmas and of course roller derby tonight with new skatey ladies. As a bonus the sun is shining again and when Ella's hand rolled lolly pop was dropped in the parking lot and smashed into three pieces, the lolly pop surgery we delicately performed over the open flame of my stove was completely successful and the lolly lasted at least five minutes before it was very purposely crunched and munched up. Yay, for all those cake/candy making shows I watch, reality TV finally pays off.


Anonymous said...

Jenny, we need to get something straight here. I'm HAPPY. And you need to RESPECT THAT.


Jenny said...

I'm respecting the happy.


DD Hunter said...

I am envious of your roll.