Mar 7, 2009

Rules for Uploungy Ball

"First you get a gianormous bed and you put it in the middle of the room, then you jump on it so high you can touch the ceiling fans then you dribble the uploungy ball and if you can dribble it one time you get to keep the ball and you get a point but if you miss the dribble you have to give it to the next person."


arizona said...

I'm putting together an Uploungy Ball Team out here in Arizona, the first team in the Southwestern Division. I am going to call our team the Phoenix Uploungers, or P.U. for short. We will take on all other Uploungy Ball teams from all over the counntry. Whose my first opponent!

Jenny said...

We're still in the first round of drafts

Mike Lyons said...

I'll bring my uploungy balls, but only girls can play. I don't let guys play with my uploungy balls EVER.