Mar 6, 2009

Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?

On the way home from school Ella and I are talking about show and tell and because we couldn't think of anything impressive to bring to school that started with the letter "U" besides Ella's new umbrella I was wondering what the other kids brought. I'm told one girls brought a stuffed unicorn and another kid brought a ball, then the following conversation takes place:

Me: Ball! What letter does that start with?

Ella: Well, it starts with "B" but really it was an "Uploungy Ball"

Me: An Uploungy [uhp-lounj-ee] Ball? Like for playing Uploungy?

Ella: Yup.

Me: Ok, ok, wait a minute, what does it look like?

Ella: MoooOoooOooom! It's round.

Me: Ookay... what color is it?

Ella: Brown of course. And it goes up and down, up and down and Candice let me play with it, Candice was really nice to me today.

Me: Well that's great, an Uploungy Ball huh?

Ella: Yup.

Moments later we are home and I'm am discussing with Dan what an Uploungy Ball is when I just can't take the mystery any more and I decide to call Miss Preschoolteacher before she leaves school and ask what Candice brought for show and tell, the following conversation takes place:

Me: Hi Miss Preschoolteacher, I have a silly question, I just need your help figuring something out. What did Candice bring to show and tell today?

Miss Preschoolteacher: She doesn't go here anymore, she got accepted to a school closer to home last week and her last day was Monday when Ella was home sick, that's probably why Ella can't think of what she brought for show and tell.

That's when I made this face:


DD Hunter said...

LOL, I can just see you making that face. I am sooo laughing at work right now cause I don't have any calls and I'm reading your blog.

arizona said...

Score: Ella - 1 Mom - 0

Didn't everyone have an Uploungy Ball as a kid? :-)

cara said...

Oh that is too funny. Bringing an object in that starts with a certain letter must be a universal thing. We do that every week too. Alex starts school at 8.40am so invariably at 8.10am I am scouring the toy room looking for an object that begins with the letter g. And yes I get competitive and try and find something unusual. Although I did reach an all time low last week when he was supposed to bring in something silver and in a hurry I grabbed a roll of what we call tin foil and I think you call aluminium foil!

I love the way they make up whole stories. Shows a bit of imagination anyway. Good for her.

Jenny said...

We had the worst time trying to find something yellow. She ended up bringing a yellow silk scarf because it was the only thing in the whole house short of yellow crayons and yellow paints.