Feb 10, 2009

Why I Have No Jeans that Fit

Tracy and I filmed a commercial over the weekend for Confessions of a Shopaholic at the mall. All we had to do was confess a shopping related embarrassment in front of a giant shopping bag and sign a little form that said our 15 second clip could be used in a commercial and we were paid in free 100% cotton bags. I stood in front of the camera holding a bag from the Land of Nod and a bag from Galt Toys and confessed that despite my best efforts, I spend too much money on kiddo. I know this because I own two pair of blue jeans for myself and she has three dressers full. As we walked away I filled the new bag with Ella's stuff.

I balanced this out by taking my family to an Nepalese restaurant called the Curry Hut for dinner where Ella didn't care for anything on the menu. Ella entertained herself by coloring on the paper table cloth and munching flat bread, with a few hesitant bites of jasmine rice and a glass of milk while Dan and I delighted in a dinner of "Minced Chicken mixed with Nepali spices and steamed inside the wheat bread served with Nepali achaar - Chicken marinated in mint and yogurt, cooked in a tandoor - and pieces of lamb cooked in a rich cashew nut-based gravy with cream, butter and dry fruit."


Mike Lyons said...

Why I have no pants that fit me: Jimmy John's and Burger King.

Jo said...

You and every mom on the planet. I own no shoes worth as much as I paid for Little Mans.