Feb 26, 2009

Jindal at Bat

I went to derby practice on Tuesday night knowing I would miss the President's speech. I woke up on Wednesday and marched Ella off to school excited to come home and listen to Obama on the net. He said all the things I'd hoped for but apparently I missed the bigger story... how craptastic Jindal's response was. When I arrived at Mom's last night to drop Ella off for date night (we saw Push*) the first thing she said was how about that Jindal? Then I read no less than three blog posts about it this morning and instantly knew I needed to see it. I have it cued up, I'll be back in a moment.

First response 3 minutes in - "When did Kenneth the page from 30 Rock become the Gov. of Louisiana?" 8 minutes in - "I can't even hear what you are saying anymore because I'm wondering if I have any 30 rock on the DVR, I love that show." 12 minutes in - "I wonder how much longer the Republican party will last? Seriously, this was their best response? Or did they just let Jindal bat because they knew whatever they said would sound ridiculous. Like letting the benched kid go up because the score is already 36 to 7."

I looked for a Kenneth the Page video to post for comparison and apparently I'm not the only one who thought this.

* Push Started strong but felt like they rewrote the end to please test audiences resulting in a giant fight scene that seemed as if it belonged in a different movie. Overall still entertaining and colorful, liked the cinematography and the editing. Three stars.


BreakRoomLive said...

This is where Bobby Jindal got his talking point from:


Jenny said...

too funny.

marilyn said...

Since I don't watch 30 rock, all I could think of was Mr. Rogers! I kept waiting for him to put on a cardigan and change his shoes!