Feb 24, 2009

This Old Lady's Buggin'

Last week on date night Dan and I were at the theater in line buying tickets for Slum Dog Millionaire (It was great.) when I went all old lady on him making fun of these emo kids waiting in line to buy Twizzlers and Cokes. I can understand the crazy blown all in one direction straight long hair, I had big hair once. I can understand the white belt, the stripey shirts and the holes in the clothes, and I even respect the converse all stars, but here's what put me over the edge and immediately into "those kids look ridiculous and don't even know it!" The skinny jeans with the crotch pulled down to their knees!

I thought skinny jean were for showing off your posterior?! These already awkward boys were milling around like awkward teenage boys do but waddling like little penguins, waddle waddle trying to keep their pants on. I almost took video, but they looked so uncomfortable to begin with; it would've been just mean to whip out my camera and yell "Action!" I understand the baggy look... sorta and I get the tight punk I outgrew my clothes look... sorta but you can't do both, especially at the same time! I find them walking oxymorons and I am the authority on what is cool now.

I also realize this isn't different from when the skater kids broke the cement off my front steps and I demanded we do something like call the cops and start and investigation because those kids can't get away with ruining our property and skating all over town putting grind marks on things and having all their fun at the expense of hard working tax payers and then I put my plaid pajamas on and made a warm glass of milk and settled in with a Harlequin romance novel.

Parents Just Dont Understand - The Fresh Prince


Jo said...

You have officially crossed the line into full blown grownup-ness. Sorry, you are now lame, according to the younger generation.

arizona said...

My my my.....gettin' old are we?

Jenny said...

I knew it would happen, I just wasn't sure when I would know.

Anonymous said...

:P I do it too and I'm not much older than the high school generation.