Feb 9, 2009

Good Fun

I had a great weekend, swimming, playing games, shopping, eating out and looking at mummies and dinosaur bones. To round out the whole weekend, on the way home, we stopped at the movies and saw Coraline in 3-D which I found an eerily quiet movie. I really couldn't say if it was lack of soundtrack, muted foley effects or where we sat in the theater (it was packed and the "score seats" were reserved for a giant birthday party) but it was odd. At times the whole movie seemed muted, the colors, the sound, the acting, the theme, all understated and grey, melencholy, typical Burtonesque. It was riveting, only slightly less scary than I expected and the added dimension was savored through every single credit that rolled.

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Jo said...

I am so glad your weekend of fun ended up being so much fun!