Feb 16, 2009

My Baby's Breath

I am all abuzz today having eaten my way through several boxes of my preferred proof of love. Yes, above all else even diamonds and long stem roses I adore sweets. I actually said to my dearest "You know I will measure how much you love me by how big the heart box is" as fair warning and in true blue fashion he took heed. I'm sure the check out person thought he had a harem. In return I bought him a healthy dose of irony; black liquorice. I will not even stand in the same room with him while he munches them and if he accidentally breathes in my general direction on the same day he's eaten a piece I react as if he's eaten a pot of cabbage and burped right on me. Ella loves the vile little squares and likes to chomp and smack them as close as she can get to me because when your five years old things that make your mother almost hurl are hilarious. Hope your Valentines Day was sweet too.


Mike Lyons said...

Somebody on facebook said "Happy VD" and that totally freaked me out.

DD Hunter said...

We had a good valentines day, went to the Machine shed, for some reason, while every where else was packed beyond unbareable the Machine shed was empty. Oh, and I totally adore black liquorice too.

Jenny said...

bleah and bleah