Feb 2, 2009

Savory with a Dash of Sour and a Pinch of Salt.

I'm finally reading "Me Talk Pretty One Day" and though I'd like to devour it, I've been savoring it reading one essay a day. I've decided David Sedaris is my generation's Woody Allen; subversive, snarky, appealing in a very odd way and brilliantly funny. I realized today I could munch up the rest of the book this afternoon and promptly run out to buy the next three, finishing "When You're Engulfed in Flames" sometime this weekend, but I've been on such a good book fast that I'd hate to purge on David Sedaris only to end up barfing up his stories all scrambled together in a heap of sarcasm. So I am sticking with the original plan, one essay a day fortified with some healthy NYT, and National Geographic to round it out. Next up a historical fiction novel and then some poetry a pal sent me. Perhaps my reading list will start to tatse good again.


Anonymous said...

1.) I would loan you the rest of his works (I own them all) but they are currently on loan to somebody else.

2.) Stick with your one essay a day plan. Otherwise you will live like I have lived for the last 5 years, reading each book in a single sitting and then desperately scouring the internet for the release date of his next book, knowing it can never come soon enough.

Jenny said...

Thank you but again if I think I had them all at once I'd read them all in a row. Buying them is helping me pace myself.