Feb 12, 2009

Three Movies

I saw The Tale of Despereaux over the weekend too. At the hotel we ordered it up one night and we turned the hotel heat up to 73*, ate crumbly snacks on top if the big bed in our jammies and immersed ourselves in the dramatic story revolving around soup. I've been thinking of soup since and can't stand it anymore, I will be making soup tonight. I'm not sure what kind yet, I just know I want it to have carrots and celery. Soup making must always start with the chopping of carrots and celery, I can't explain it just must.

Last night, because it was date night and Dan's pick and it was in the five buck club we saw Underworld: Rise of the Lycan. Still all I can think of when I hear the title is horrible green moss growing intensely onto the heads of sleeping vampires and Rise of the Lichen may have been a better movie, it has comic possibilities, but really I didn't find myself bored at all during the vampire vs warewolf special effect extravaganza. It had a brisk pace and semi engaging story but still, I wouldn't call it good in any sort of way. It was all very soap opera and I didn't care about any of the characters nor did I know which side I should be rooting for as I have no secret goth allegiance to vampires or werewolves, now had their been valkyries or amazons I would have totally rooted for them.

I am dying to see Slum Dog Millionaire. Hopefully when it's my pick it'll still be out.

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Jo said...

We found the Tale to be a bit choppy and there were parts I just didn't get. I am assuming the book is much better than the movie. The graphics on the other hand, blew me away. AMAZING!