Nov 19, 2008

The tangled web of finance and politics

I sold Visa with a net loss $0.66 cents on the advice of Aunt M. and bought Cambell's Soup CPB at $37.65 it's gone up $0.05 cents in the last few minutes (Yay! only $45.00 to go to make up for all the losses this last week.) I'm not buying Amazon because they contribute a fair amount of money to the GOP which brings me to the horror of Coors Brewing. Despite being my only money maker (+$0.71) I had to sell and invest in a better brewing company. I bought SAB Miller plc SBMRY at $14.10 aka the company that makes Miller High Life and Leinenkugel's (woohoo!)

Update: after some research I see SBMRY is partnered with Coors, I'm still not quite sure what "partnered" means, but I'm not investing in
Anheuser-Busch for sure and I'm still researching a more democratic beer. Perhaps I'll dump beer alltogether and buy wine instead.


cameo said...

glad you know about amazon!
chris also informed me today, the founder of home depot said anyonw who doesn't vote for the gop should be shot!
i wonder if he knows they're not the only home improvement option?
if boulevard beer is public - invest in them!

Mike Lyons said...

DEO. Because, in a recession or not, Captain Morgan will always be your friend.

Jenny said...

On Mike's advice I bought DEO at $51.96... The reasoning was sound.

"It produces and distributes a range of premium brands, including Smirnoff vodka, Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskies, Captain Morgan rum, Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur, JeB scotch whisky, Tanqueray gin and Guinness stout. In addition it also has the distribution rights for the Jose Cuervo tequila brands in the United States and other countries. Diageo’s beer brands include the global stout brand, Guinness."

Mike Lyons said...

If you sign up at, you can get free personalized labels for some brands. I may help your stock. :) Also, while you are there, ask Jack the bartender to tell you a joke. I love it.

Historically, liquor is recession-proof.

"What recession? I refuse to participate."

Jenny said...

Jack the Bartender was hilarious. Thanks. Yes, I totally registered.

Mike Lyons said...

BTW, I'd like to point out that you bought your DEO stock the day after their lowest close in the past year and they're up $5.45 since then.

I could win the stock market on pure instinct.