Nov 29, 2008

Big Jump

El and I went out into the craziness yesterday and picked up some books after visiting Santa. I couldn't wait for Christmas to give them to her as she learned how to read a last week. She has been working on the sounds letters make for a while but something clicked and she made the leap from "Ju - Uh - Emmm - Puh" to "Jump" exclaiming "I squished all the sounds together!" And now there is no stopping her. Dan and I can no longer spell bits of our conversation unless the words are extra long and we say it really fast which frankly is sometimes beyond my capabilities. Have you ever tried to spell "compromise" really fast off the top of your head? I had to spell check it just now!


Jo said...

The child is brillant! I guess I expected no less, considering her mother. Lucky thing, the whole world is at her feet now!

Jenny said...

Awe, thank you. I'm not sure it was me and not the internet and Sesame Street but I'll be happy to take credit.

Debbie said...

That's what I miss most about teaching pre-k and kindergarten--that "explosion into reading." It's so exciting!