Nov 22, 2008

Like an Oliver Stone Movie Only More Horrid

Randy was a friend of the family. He knew my parents and all my uncles and all their friends, was always at cook outs and family parties, he was also a hemophiliac. He passed away in the 80s from AIDS. I was too young to learn much of the details of his situation and he’s the only person I’ve ever known who had AIDS or hemophilia. Today, in light of this article in today’s NYT I realize he joins the ranks of people I know who may have been directly harmed by the pharmaceutical/medical industry. I am aghast at the lack of scruples companies display in an attempt to turn a profit.

"The Bayer unit, Cutter Biological, introduced its safer medicine in late February 1984 as evidence mounted that the earlier version was infecting hemophiliacs with H.I.V. Yet for over a year, the company continued to sell the old medicine overseas, prompting a United States regulator to accuse Cutter of breaking its promise to stop selling the product.

By continuing to sell the old version of the life-saving medicine, the records show, Cutter officials were trying to avoid being stuck with large stores of a product that was proving increasingly unmarketable in the United States and Europe."

How can this company still be in business? I mean really... HOW?!

Thanks to
IBTP for directing my attention to the NYT and this story today.


Mike Lyons said...

Well, don't buy stock in that one, k? Holy crap.

We invented a special chair with a great big power cord for people like that.

Jenny said...

I don't think anyone is even serving time for this.

arizona said...

It's just another example of how the large companies only look at the bottom line....wealth and greed, at the expense of the people they say they are trying to help. I no longer have faith in any of these companies, and it is soon becoming time for the people to rise up and say ENOUGH, it is time for a revolution! If we don't change the mindset of those in power, then you friends death was in vain.

cameo said...

makes me sick.