Nov 23, 2008

Six Actual Ways for Real People in a Cash Crunch to Make a Little Cash that Don't Involve Giving up the Cleaning Lady they Already Don't Have

While reading AOL's headlines today I came
across the stupidest article I've read all day about people having a cash crunch and how to get fast cash. Mary Beth Franklin, Senior Editor and Stacy Rapacon, Reporter of live in a little golden bubble where they can just sell some stocks or take out a loan on their margins to pay bills. They also suggest we take out a home equity loan (how can they possibly not be reading the financial news and know that this is how we got where we are now?!), get another credit card with those blank checks you get in the mail (no I'm not even kidding) and borrow from our 401K, Roth IRA and our life insurance.

I don't know about you, but most people I know in a cash crunch already lost their house in the home loan crisis and or have been laid off from their job and would laugh in your face if you said to them "Just cash in some of your investments" as that '93 Cavalier is the only thing they've been able to invest in for the past 18 months. I've read enough articles about how we should just stop getting those daily lattes or cut out the pedicure and just get the manicure instead, so many I could barf. Ok, so here it is, real advice from a real person on how to get money to keep the heat/electric/water on and gas in the tank.

1. Give Plasma, it only takes a little bit of time, you're doing a good thing and it can pay alot. In Rockford it's $50.00! You can do it once a week.

2. E-bay outgrown kids clothes. One big lot usually goes well, you could pick up $30.00-$50.00 a lot. You usually get the best price after you wash everything thoroughly, mend any bits, get all the lint/pilling off (use a disposable razor and literally shave the clothing... no I'm not kidding), iron it, match up socks and take pretty pictures with lots of sunlight. Write a stellar and honest description and offer to ship fast. - No kids? That's ok, look around the house and e-bay something! We all have junk we don't need anymore. Or offer to do all the labor of e-baying for someone and you take a %.

4. Recycle! Turn those cans in. $10.00 can get you enough gas to get to an interview!

5. Freecycle! Free stuff exchange. This is recycling at it's best.

6. Offer to clean your Mom's/Aunt's/Grandma's house. Mother's are always suckers for their kids offering to do chores for them. I mean really $30.00 to do the kitchen and the bathroom - heck yeah! You might also offer to clean out the garage/basement/attic and e-bay their junk for them for a % of the selling price.

I didn't address saving money in my list of 6, cause there are gobs of ways and anyone in the position of deciding between paying the heat or the electric right now already knows how to by generic noodles and shop second hand (I hope.) So what else can you think of internet? How can real people make/save cash?


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't knock the '93 Cavalier as a sound investment. That's the Mad Cow! It turns 16 in a month, so it will be old enough to drive itself to work now.


The "give up your latte" advice always makes me laugh too. Seriously now. Seriously. People aren't losing their homes and not feeding their kids because of lattes.

Grocery shopping at more than one store is my biggest money-saver. Now that gas is below $4 a gallon, it's even easier to justify. Yes, it takes more planning and more time and more driving, but when I can trim $30 off of the weekly grocery budget for just 2 people by going to one store for cheap produce, one store for cheap canned goods, and staying the hell away from the overpriced Hilander a block from my house, it's worth the time and the extra gallon of gas it takes.

Jenny said...

OMG! the Mad Cow is a '93 Cavalier! Ha! You should totally cash in on that investment and retire!


Mike Lyons said...

I was thinking of pimping myself out. Maybe I should set up a referral program?

Jenny said...

What kind of percentage can I take Mike, I'd slap an ad up on the blog?! ;)

I just read these:

1. Rent a room out in your house. (in this economy there are plenty of people looking for room)

2. Barter for babysitting.

Mike Lyons said...

Well, that's tricky. If she's hot, it's a way better percentage than if she's a terror to behold, see?

I'm sure we can work something out.