Nov 30, 2008

Robo Call

A Com Ed computer called an said to expect power outages because of the snow today. So firstly I'm trying to blog before the lights go down and secondly imagine if you could call ahead about your possible faults... "Yeah, I might not be doing any housework tomorrow and I may be sitting around in my pajamas all day watching teevoed reality tv so just in case you were expecting something from me, now you know better."


cameo said...

that's one way of doing it - just announce your incompetence.
they obviously took their tactic from the bush administration.
nice of them to give you the head's up, though.
gave you time to go cut down all that fire wood, and crotchet those new blankets you've been dawdling on.
get on it girly!

Mike Lyons said...

I pretty much DO call ahead with all my faults. I call and say, "Hey, this is Mike." Ha!