Sep 25, 2008

Three Things

I have entirely too much reading and Teevoed viewing to catch up on. Tomorrow night, I am going to stay home and vegitate in front of the Presidential Debates, two weeks of Project Runway and the season premier of the Office. Then I'll put The Incredibles in for the kiddo and read blogs until my eyes scream for mercy. Then I'll put my head phones on and listen to two hours of This American Life and then I will colapse into one giant heap of entertained happiness.


Me and my skatey ladies Tally Turmoil, Redneck B. Yotch and Jackie O'No are traveling out to Des Moines this Saturday night to sub for the Mid Iowa Rollers against the Omaha Rollergirls. I'm excited to be bouting, I'm on my third season and Tally, Red and Jackie are beginning their second seasons so we are used to skating together and Mid Iowa played against us twice last season, we won one at home and they won one at their house, so the skill level is about the same. It's be especially nice because we have a slew of new skaters on the Divas this season and it'll be a few months at least before we are able to even scrimmage against each other even in practice. (I'll be fine Mom - I promise)


I am descending on WI in two weeks to walk door to door for Obama, his campaign called and asked me to and since I don't have any money to give, I'll give him my time. While we were in Florida we saw campaign commercials from both sides at every commercial break and yard signs galore even on the island. Even those t-shirt shops that have all the Lazy Lizard and Shark Bait shirts hanging under all the wind chimes made with shells had campaign shirts in the windows. Illinois is never a swing state, we just don't get any of the fun.


cara said...

Good for you re campaigning door to door. I am currently sorting out the overseas voting info for Chris. He thinks his vote doesn't matter because Illinois isn't a swing state but I will hit him over the head if he doesn't vote!

I came across an interesting letter in the Irish Times newspaper recently about Palin. About how hypocritical she is re special needs etc. Think I still have your email address. Will forward it to you.

Anonymous said...

so, I've since decided to try out Blogger... *waves hello* ~Liz

Debbie said...

I can't believe I don't have a bruise from that hit you gave me last night at practice. Life is so unfair.

Kick some butt In Iowa, but just make sure you guys remember which team you're on. I wouldn't want you to "accidentally" knock out an MIR. Really, I wouldn't.

DD Hunter said...

Lit might not have a bruise but I do, just ask Red. I will have my derby daughter take a pic of it for you this weekend while you all are away. Good Luck and have fun!!