Sep 4, 2008

Say Mavrick One More &#&!@*$ Time!

In case you missed Palin's speech last night, you didn't miss much beyond cheap jabs and the usual retoric. Here's the condensed version:

Hi I'm Sara Palin, I'm normal just like you and so's my entire family wich I will now intorduce for 10 minutes. I support the miltary and am a fiesty maverick too. The guy I'm running against had big styrofoam collums at his speech, what a liberal eleitist jerk, plus he's gonna forfeit a war we are already winning, talk shit about you behind your back and raise your taxes alot, and that'll suck for my sister who just opened a gas station just like many of you other small business owners. In closing I'm mavericky and so is John McCain, we are the most mavricky mavricks that ever mavricked and that's a good thing... 9/11 and mavrick.

Keith Olberman put it perfectly after her speech last night when he said if she's gonna talk like a fighter then she shouldn't be surprised when the Democrats come out swinging. I can hardly wait for her and Biden to debate, he's going to chew her up. So I'm turning my attention back to McCain and going to make a prediction about the speech he'll give tonight. I bet it'll go like this:

I'm a regular dude just like you, all mavricky and regular getting in trouble at school and at the bottom of my class and stuff, oh accept for that part where I'm a war hero, and married to a blonde billionaire that's not so regular, but I feel mavricky and that's regular! I'm more experienced cause I've been working in Washington a longtime but wait!... but I'm totally new too. I never back down from a fight and don't play well with others, and that's mavricky. Besides, you don't want a president that can work well with the other branches that run the government, you want one who will totally be all like "What... What are you looking at nerd!" and then jump towards them with flexed muscles and make them flinch and then yell "Thought so beeyotch!" Plus, Obama's gonna totally call you a slut behind your back. I'm a stright talker I'll do it to your face! Cause I'm a mavrick and I'm gonna change stuff, win a war and give you money. Mavrick!


cameo said...

okay, you're funny.
but i think they better stop pushing this maverick thing.
after all, when you get right down to it, bush is a maverick too then.
so, hummmmmm, maybe those dems are right? and mccain, and DEFINATELY PALIN, would be more of teh same ignorance that got us in this situation in the first place.
i'm gettin a mcbush button!
and sarah? she's "palin" in comparasion!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to start each and every sentence with

too angry to watch, going to the local Obama office to bank phone calls instead.

Jenny said...

OMG, I never noticed he started every sentence with friends until you said it and then I heard him do it! LOL!