Sep 11, 2008

Back to the normal junk I usually post about

I went and saw Disaster Movie last night. Mostly because we had already seen everything else that was playing that was of any interest. I went in expecting the movie version of a MAD Magazine and actually got the 6th graders version of the movie version of MAD Magazine. my advice... don't even rent it. It was soo bad I am nt even going to be bothered to link to it. But then again how bad can an evening out with your husband at the taco shop and the movies whilst Grandma is hanging out with the kid be? So I should be careful not to complain to much. (Thanks Mom.)

What I did see that was interesting is the first teen movie in a long time that looked "cool." Up until now the younger crowd has been easily been written off as totaly un-hip Justin/Brittany/Sponge Bob loving freaks that weren't around when the REAL cool stuff was happening and I never paid any mind. But suddenly there is a movie that gives me hope that some of these youngsters are cool, complcated, fresh and funny people.

This isn't the only part of my discovery, the other part is this: they all look like they are 14, making it painfully clear how far away I am from club hopping, running around town with my boyfriend and driving a beat up old hatchback full of shenanigans. I usually don't ever miss those days. I like dependable cars and the relative predictability of my saftey and I don't think you could pay enough me to go back to that uncertain age of 22, but something about this movie makes me want to be young now in 2008 with these people and now I am really looking forward to seeing Nick and Nora's Infinate Playlist.

While the movie American Teen promised to be the new Breakfast Club, new generations don't need the new and improved (fill in the blank of whatever was cool before.) That's like saying GenXers should get excited for the new and improved Easy Rider. Nope, just doesn't work. Each generation get's a new movie that we all fall in love with and I think this one may be it. Nick and Nora's Infinate Playlist opens in October 3rd.


Jaxon said...

I Just read a review of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Sounds like it might be a pretty good, and funny movie. Can't wait to see it.

Debbie said...

You could read the book while you wait for the movie.

Jenny said...

I just may! I'll be spending a little time with my toes in the sand and I'll have some time to read.