Sep 24, 2008

"If you find enough sand dollars you can buy a sand castle" - Ella

We spent a whirlwind three days at Disney Word and two and a half days winding down from Disney at the Sunburst Inn located on the softest, whitest, shell filled beach on the Gulf Coast. It was a week filled with princesses and pirates and fireworks and family and fresh grouper sandwiches and wild dolphins and sting rays and piƱa coladas and believe it or not on the last day we were home sick.


Debbie said...

So glad you guys enjoyed your trip. Loved the slide show. Though I have zero desire for Disney, the beach looked incredible.

I missed your blogs--happy you're back!

cara said...

Jenny looks great! Alex wants to go to Disneyland Paris but Chris keeps telling him it isn't as good as the States. Glad you enjoyed it.

cameo said...

how on earth can you guys afford to go on so many trips?
(jasmine looked a little stoned)
(elvis in the house!)
glad you had a good time.
again, i'm jealous. but a trip with three kids isn't the same as one.
maybe that's why we don't plan anything.

Jenny said...

We saved our butts off and we shop at good will the rest of the year. ;)

This was also the first week long vacation we've taken since 1997 and yes, I'm sure it's easier with only 3 of us.

I also recomend buying a book about how to do Disney on the cheap and the quick. Like we went in the off season so our hotel on the beach was $80.00 a night. (we actualy upgraded to the ocean view for an extra $30.00) and we also got the all inclusive meal plan - it cost us $50.00 a day to feed all three of us at Disney. We wouldn't have known any of this without 'the book.'