Sep 1, 2008

Big Easy

Some places you vacation for the scenery and some places you visit for the people and the spirit of the place. New Orleans is one of those places. Yes, it has beautiful architecture and wonderful old houses and neighborhoods but what I remember most about being there was the people and the culture. We couldn't get a bad meal in New Orleans. I imagine any restaurant not serving divine fare closes up after the first meal is served. We felt like we danced through the daily while we were there, it seemed everywhere we walked jazz was ringing down the streets from musicians on the avenue or tucked into eateries serenading diners. It was a place where you could join any conversation that happened to be close to you and you could participate in any toast someone happened to give. Perhaps that's what was the best, we felt welcomed and included and cared for in every way, right down to the waitress in the diner who remembered us Yankees and had hash browns ready for breakfast instead of grits because we asked the day before.

As I type CNN reports the lower ninth ward is flooding again the levee has breached.

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Sir Seanface said...

Don't be afraid to go back.