Sep 9, 2008

A First Class Screwing

Hello bloggies, I know I've been on a political tangent for some time and I can't help it. The conventions are over and now we just have the long slog up to the debates (I can hardly wait!) Today I'm going to try super hard to not check CNN 40 times and besides my family is scheduled to be make landfall in FL soon and so I should really start packing. Its cool enough here that we aren't wearing our shorts anymore so I it makes sense.

OH! My dear husband spent hours on the phone with Travelocity again yesterday. We ordered plane tickets through them in May and after the flight was changed around no less than three times the flights were cancelled all together as the airline stopped serving Orlando and get this... they haven't refunded our money yet. After much customer service arguing, Dan finally climbed the frustration ladder to the call center manager who informed Dan for the first time ever we didn't get a refund because we hadn't returned the paper ticket (that we never requested in the first place, who still uses paper tickets?! That's soo 1996.)

No one ever asked for the totally useless, there is no flight, paper tickets to be returned and the manager apologized for that and gave us $150.00 to use at Travelocity to make up for it. Which is real nice accept we can't use it for renting a car or getting a cheap flight or upgrading our current flight or anything that would be useful to us in the least. He might have well given us a three night’s stay on the moon but no way to get there so as far as I'm concerned Travelocity can go call itself.

In the mean time we overnighted the tickets back and our $700.00 is lost in red tape hell and is now money we will not be spending in FL. I called the credit card company and refuted the charge telling them the story they said they'd open an investigation and put a freeze on the amount and while they agreed it was some bull pucky I was being put through, it would still take 6-8 weeks to resolve the ticket dispute for items I bought in MAY! And the travel industry wonders why people aren't participating in their little S&M game anymore.

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cameo said...

oh geez.
i'm sorry you're having to deal with all that crap.
hope when you guys do finally get down there, you have a good time and come home to some money!