Aug 26, 2008

The Woman Standing Next to the President

All that talk about family and loyalty and humble beginnings really is a challenge for McCain to tell all us about the McCain family and his dedication to his wife and... what?! McCain did what to his first wife?!

Loved Michelle's speech. I think it provides a powerful contrast about the respect our candidates give the women in their lives.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I find this whole getting your spouse to deliver a speech thing really peculiar. Actually peculiar is the wrong word. It is just different!

There is something about it that makes me uncomfortable. I just can't see Bill having to make this type of speech if Hillary had been chosen as a candidate. Then again, what do I know? Must drive Americans crazy to have Europeans discuss the election.

It just seems like one big soap opera with poor Michelle having to prove her worth. Take care, Olivia

Jenny said...

I does seem odd that the candidate's spouse must be under such scruitiny. I think it's a direct result of our need to hear all about the candidate's personal life to correctly judge their values and credibility.

Or maybe it goes back to my post about how much a candidate loves his mom and how women are perceived to vote with our hearts. And we seem to be the big swing vote this year.

Or maybe, we no longer trust a man's word until we look to his wife and wait for her to nod in a way that says "Yea, I vouch for him."

Interesting comment. I always like hearing your point of view.

Anonymous said...

So McCain cheated on his first wife left and right, called his 2nd wife a c***, and wants to dictate what goes on in my uterus, but I still have to sit at work all day and listen to my coworkers talk about how he's the feminist choice because Obama can't stop calling women reporters "sweetie"?

I call shenanigans.

Jenny said...

Wait - you left out that he left his first wife because she was in a car accident resulting in a limp and weight gain. Class A jerk.

cameo said...

i call young people "baby" - does that make me a generationalist?
come the fuck on people!
people are so consumed with the wrong crap.
hey! i'm on the phone with the human rights campaign right now and the woman called me "hun." wow. i think i should not believe in equality because she addressed me in a manner which equated me to bee vomit.
mccain is an scoundrel.
obama is married to a woman who wouldn't tolerate him calling her a c**t.
i know what man can call me sweetie any day.

Debbie said...

Thanks for posting the video of Michelle's speech. I watched it right after watching Hillary's speech and it was interesting to compare the two.

Maybe the scrutiny is kind of strange, but I still enjoyed Michell's speech. It was very uplifting after a long, stressful day.

Anonymous said...

I thought Michelle Obama did well. But I suppose I don't really understand the point of it all. I felt she was under pressure to define herself as less of a threat particularly after the misunderstanding about the comment she made about not always feeling proud of America.

She stayed true to herself by not going too far down the stand by your man route. However, I still cringed when she used the word "folks" on I think two occasions. I know I am probably being cynical but I believe the word was used in a "We are not the liberal elite, we can hang out with regular people" capacity.

When GW Bush was in Ireland I noticed he used the word folks a lot so it was jarring to hear Michelle say it. It is just a small thing and maybe it is something she says in everyday speech.

But I have a suspicion it is a word that you wouldn't use in a speech unless you had an agenda. In this case the agenda being that she is not going to be another Hillary Clinton and try and move in on healthcare or education or whatever.

Anyway I am just nit picking. I really do hope she and her husband make it to the White House. I am such a nerd. I am going downstairs now to watch the Hillary Clinton speech on my laptop as I clean the kitchen!!!

Hope all is well with the family. Alex is starting "big school" as in junior infants tomorrow. Take care, Olivia

Anonymous said...

Before I forget I loved McCain not remembering how many properties he owns! Bet the Republican convention won't be as interesting.

That said I do think he is getting this whole thing with his first wife is being overstated. Is it cruel to say he fell out of love with her and moved on? I read an interview with her where he she said that he always paid for her financial upkeep/medical bills. Which is fair enough.

To be honest most people change considerably when they have been in the situation McCain was in. It reminds me of a British journalist who was kept captive in Lebanon for a few years in the 80's. When he came back he broke up with his long term partner even though she had supported him all through his captivity. I don't think there is any malice in it. You are just a different person.

It is unfortunate. It is sad. But part of life I think. That said finding a wealthy benefactor like Cindy McCain shortly afterwards -- well the less said about that the better.

Jenny said...

"Is it cruel to say he fell out of love with her and moved on?"

There you go being all reasonable and such.


Very excited for Alex.