Aug 13, 2008

Creepy Observations

We went to the animal fair, the birds and the bees were there, and the big baboon by the light of the moon was totally endangering his children. Twice last night I made my entire family stop in the middle of their county fair festivities to scrutinize a lone child wandering around in the dark. I'm not talking like an 8 year old who just got off a ride I'm talking like a 6 year old holding the hand of her 3 year old brother walking around the fair while I trailed 10 feet behind until they found Dad. Or the 4 year old standing outside the men’s room looking so lost I sent my child up to her to ask “Where’s your Daddy”, to which she pointed into the men’s room and then we stood there until he came out. The first time, I could’ve just chalked it up to silly people but after the second time, my stomach just hurt.

What is with people? Am I too sensitive about it? Am I a helicopter parent? I just can’t imagine letting my 5 year old run around the county fair as she pleased with instructions to meet me at the tilt-a-whirl at 9:00. And if Dan had to use the facilities, I'd rather he bring kiddo in with him than leave her standing alone in a crowd in the dark. Really, if the guy was just too sheepish to do that he could've left his kid with the kindly lady at the information booth NEXT DOOR while he ran in or the sheriff's tent around the corner. Thoughts please? Someone tell me I’m not too overprotective or off my rocker here.

On a less outraged note, this picture of Ella looking tough on a pink Harley is for DD.


Jo said...

No, you are not overprotective, you just happen to care! I watched some evening news show that had kids pretending to be lost and they were seeing how long it would take for someone to notice. It was incredibly sad to see what a self absorbed society we have become. Every village needs more people just like you!
P.S. I am always on the lookout for lost kids, I guess because I am so paranoid about losing Little Man.

cara said...

No, I totally agree with you. It just isn't possible to let children roam around freely in this manner. You just don't know who is going to prey on them. That and they could have an accident etc.

Jo said...

I found the link for that news show!

Anonymous said...

Considering the headlines on the news every night in our county and the county next door, it blows my mind that parents would do that.

DD Hunter said...

I con not believe those parents, I mean, come on, how many kids are taken from their own neighborhood, let alone public places. A fair is an open door for child abductions, there is no 'Code Adam' at the fair, there are too many places, and too many faces to lock the place down, and by the time you alerted the gate, they would be gone.

I love the Harley Tough, gosh she looks so much older with her new hair cut.