Aug 11, 2008

Breaking World Records Last Night

It's funny sometimes to ask Ella questions to see how she'll explain things. The other night when were talking about mosquito spit she asked me what it (the spit) looked like and I told her I didn't know, but perhaps we could find out and then asked her where the best place to find out would be. Totally expecting her to say we could look it up on the computer or ina book she instead recommended we find a mosquito museum. So if you know a good one, please pass that along.

Last night we are watching Olympic swimming and the following conversation took place:

Me: Hey Ella! What happened to those people's heads, they're all shiney and bald?

Ella: Mom, (eye roll) their weaing hats.

Me: Oh, I see, why are they wearing hats?

Ella: So they don't disturb their hair when they swim.

Dan who obviously couldn't take anymore: No, it's so they can swim faster.

Ella: Dad's right, it's so they can swim faster!

Immediately following this little exchange Ella went to her play area and got very quiet, this always spells trouble so I peeped in and asked her what she was doing. She responded "I'm looking for a hat that might make me run faster." Indeed, after some test runs, she says she found one.

I present to you Ella's Fast Running Hat:


Jo said...

Smart girl! I think if she runs with her head down, that hat would indeed make her run faster!

Debbie said...

That hat does indeed look mighty aerodynamic. Maybe I COULD be a jammer if I had one of those!

DD Hunter said...

Envious! She will have to find me a hat to make me skate faster.

Jenny said...

That's it! I'm bringing a hat to skate practice!

cameo said...

that would definately work!
similar design to the bike helmets.
'cept not so alien looking.

Mike Lyons said...

A cone-shaped hat for derby? Sounds like a Harry Potter theme in the waiting.

Derby Potter and the Quest for Pain? We always knew there'd be a book 8.