Jul 24, 2007

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

I told Ella we were going on a bear hunt. She wrangled her sandals onto her feet, found our sunglasses a bottle of water and a net and we set off. We walked all over the neighborhood, encountering one little old lady getting her mail who wished us luck on our hunt even though she hadn’t seen any bears in the neighborhood lately. We crossed two “rivers” and found many treasures including; fairy earrings, three walnuts one of which a “beaver” ate but would be perfect to “lure bears” with, three dandelions that would be put in a vase at home, a strange spherical seed pod and one rock for hippity hop scotch. We put them in our net for safe keeping. We walked all the way to “Wisconsin” where we found ourselves standing at the edge of “The Underdog Park”. After a rest and some water in the shade and a short detour to the edge of a real corn field where we procured two pinches of corn silk to put in our net with the other riches, Ella politely asked me to give her an underdog on the swing, after all we were at The Underdog Park. As I ran underneath the swing propelling her as far as I could with my arms she yelled “I’m not even scarred!” Three more underdogs and we were exhausted and ready for the long walk four blocks home and jelly sandwiches with black berries on the side. It was a good and expedition even though we didn’t catch any bears.


Jo in Utah said...

You are such a good mama! And Ella? She rocks the house when it comes to the bear hunting thing.

Chrissy said...

you are the coolest mom ever. and ella is pretty snazzy, too!

Jenny said...

You act as if I wouldn't be bear hunting if it weren't for Ella.