Aug 19, 2005

Should I write anything of substance?

I can go on for days about my baby or I can rant on politics, I could fill you dear reader in on my barely existent wild escapades or my very married-lady sex life, I could gossip about the friends I have that I don’t like or wax prose on my gloomy past. I’m never sure what nerve to expose, dear reader, or if it will hurt. I’m not sure I ever have anything fresh to offer. There are days when I’m sure it’s all been said before… too bad I wasn’t paying attention. The question is will I have anything new to YOU.

A short rhymey poem by me

Swirling hurling curling unfurling
vines of divine line,
Gracious green,
Leaves unseen,
Perfect grapes in my mind.

I always have the urge to say “Tah-Dah”! And spread my arms wide and bow cheesily after one of my poems so you’ll have to read it again and imagine that.

1 comment:

Jane said...

I think you should gossip about your friends. Definitely.

I'm *very* curious to hear what you have to say about that crazy Beth person.