Aug 26, 2005

The Casseroles

Tonight is the 2nd monthly ladies night out. Some ladies are out of town and some couldn't get a sitter so there will probably only be three or four of us tonight - hopefully more.

I originally wanted to call it the MILF Club but Beth said it made her throw up a little in her mouth and I don't want to be a part of anything that is compared to Derek Zoolander. I agonized over the name and wanted to find something cool like 'ya-yas' which, had it not become a stinky movie, I would've adopted it immediately. I pretty much gave up when today of all days I read about one mother's dream to be in a gang.

So stolen straight from MimiSmartyPants' Blog she writes: "I dreamed that I belonged to a gang called 'The Casseroles,' and we all adopted nicknames like Tuna Noodle and Green Bean and Sweet Potato/Marshmallow.”

I am going to propose we adopt "The Casseroles" as our gang name. I think it's appropriate on so many levels and it's a very inclusive moniker and I want to be 'Green Bean' especially since we already call my dear daughter 'Ella-Bean'.

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