Aug 11, 2005

Please have a bite

I've recently been hooked on reading several Mommy/Daddy Blogs and it makes me want to write. So here's to the beginning of a long relationship with my keyboard - I hope.


My dearest daughter has a vocabulary that mostly consitsts of food. This is only strange because she sometimes subsists on four Cherrieos and a slice of pickle. She's nineteen months old and just too busy to stop and actually eat. I am constantly chasing her around the house with various snacks in hand asking her "bite? Ella, do you want a bite of soup? How about a grape? For god sakes how about a chip or even a cookie? Honey, please have a bite."

What I can't figure out is how she can have a full diaper once a day when she isn't eating enough to sustain a Muppet much less a wild toddler. Today I gave her an oat breakfast bar to munch in the car and she proceeded to pick the jelly from the middle of it and crumble the rest onto the floor of the minivan. I have to keep reminding myself that if she were hungry and starving to death she would eat.

So here's Ella's food vocabulary thus far:

Cheedo (referring to anything resembling cheese)
Peeta (pizza)
Cookee-coookeee-goookeee-cookee-gookee-gookee... (cookie)
Dooce (juice)
Wa-er (water)
Puh (soup)
Aaaaww-brey (strawberry)
Tip (sippy cup)
Cado-cado (avocado)
No-nee (candy)

More moo (milk)
Ahem! (mommy’s milk)
bu'er (butter - which she has been to know to suck off of her toast discarding the actual toast to the floor for the 'dog-dog')
dip (her favorite thing ever - she just sucks the catsup off of the fry and then double dips till the fry is a soggy mess and she inadvertently eats some fry on accident)
Glu-brey (blueberry)
Tato (potato)

So she has other words, dog-dog, Mommy, Daddy, car, ball, to name a few but primarily her words revolve around food. I'm sure it's because I chase her around the house with morsels all day pleading for her to eat.

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