Aug 21, 2005

My friend Rick

We went to the county-fair tonight and had a really nice time. It was cool and not too crowded. I ran into an old friend Rick and his two girls were running wildly from ride to ride. Rick and I met while working backstage when I was in college. He was the real thing and I just was the skinny gullible girl who helped with lighting. Those were some of the most surreal and fun years of my life, standing around backstage with Rick and Laura and John and Todd and our theatre family being important and invisible at the same time.

So anyway, we stood and talked about our girls and the he mentioned very casually that he has a genetic lung disease and the doctors told him he has about 18 months to live. I was a little dumbfounded - what do you say to that? So I asked him what he was going to do, he replied sell off his business and spend time with the kids. We talked some more and I mentioned he should stop by some time, he said "well, I don't have much time these days, so I probably won't" and I said “well if you’re ever in town, feel free”… We talked a little more and hugged and parted ways, I wonder if I’ll see him again? I hope so, he’s one smart ass man and I love that.

I meant to tell him that I hoped he would get the transplant and that I would be thinking of him. But he said the former wasn't likely and I think he knows the latter. I meant to tell him I think he's a super cool guy and I hope that these next 18 months are long and full of nice things but then again I'm sure he knows that people hope the best for him. He gave me his e-mail and I meant to say I'll send you a fresh joke often so you can get a good laugh but I know I wouldn't and he knows lots of jokes anyway. Now that I am home I guess I would just like to put the following thought out into the universe... Rick I hope you get a cool breeze up your skirt just when need it most.

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