Aug 26, 2005

The Casseroles Part II

The following is from my dear friend J.N.


Several options have been considered such as:

Tuna Noodle – the “tuna” part leaves too many doors open for crotch references
Stroganoff – sounds too much like “strokin’-off”
Goolash – sounds kinda creepy…and what is it really anyway?

I have decided to declare myself Jeff’s favorite casserole….TaterTot. The hearty beef bottom, the refreshing layer of nutritious green beans followed by the creamy sensation of mushroom soup topped with the fabulous crunch of golden tater tops.

Your secret nickname sister…


1 comment:

EasyMac!! said...

I know it is stretching the definition of "casserole", but I want to be EasyMac.

I'm the only non-MILF in the group, I think I should get the trashiest title.