Aug 17, 2005

Northbrook Mall with Mom

Mom cashed in a couple of change buckets on the way to the mall and got 400.00 bucks. So then we were determined to spend it ALL. So we went to Janie and Jack's my most favorite baby store in the whole world. I buy Ella at least one outfit from there every season. Mom bought Ella $180.00 worth of clothes there. I told her I couldn't even watch. My favorite is this little cute blue sweater dress.

Mom's favorite is peach & brown jumper. I see they've gone on sale today because the new collection just came in, I must NEVER tell mom they were on sale two days after she bought them. After lunch I took Mom into Neiman Marcus were the following conversation took place.

Me: C'mon mom let's go look at Chanel's fall collection

Mom: Ok, I like Chanel (she means the perfume I bought her)

Me: Wow what a cute suit

Mom: I don't really care for the color but I love this off white turtle neck, maybe I'll get it.

Me: How much is it?

Mom: Let's see.... $2,800.00! Choke Sputter Choke.

Me: Giggle - you should try it on mom

Mom: I shouldn't even be standing near it! What if I sneeze?

Sales Clerk: Can I help you ladies with anything?

Me: Nah, we're just looking around thanks

Me to Mom under my breath: We should be flattered that she thought we were actually shopping.

Mom: We were 'till I saw the prices.

We then continued to look at Gucci's new line and several other designers that I'd never remember. My mom fell in love with each piece. They are cut just perfectly and made with the best fabrics in the coolest prints and I'm sure the tailor them to fit you before you leave.

We ended up at
Club Monaco frantically trying on shirts before Ella woke up from her stroller nap.

I tried on several that just looked obscene with cleavage before settling on a very conservative strippey-frenchy shirt with a wide collar and a similar one that was a deep chocolate brown. I also bought the CD they were playing in the store while we shopped. Mom bought a fitted jean jacket in olive and a few insanely expensive and insanely soft t-shirts to go underneath. You know those kind of t-s that feel like they've been washed for 20 years, they're so soft.

We also went to several toy stores where they have the most inspired wooden toys ever and neat imaginative things you would never find at Dull-mart.
Galt Toys
Ella screamed until we rescued the most mundane, uninteresting, pink, blue eyed, plastic baby-doll from her box. I swear we could've bought that same baby while picking up diapers last week at Dull-mart. She carefully and contentedly gave it a bottle the whole way home.

We spent $416.00

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