Oct 28, 2008

Remember Getting Your Candy X-Rayed for Razor Blades? Ahh the Good Old Days.

Ohio.com had this to say today:
"While the FDA has not recalled any candy from an American maker, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled Sherwood Brands Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate Coins, which were made in China and sold at Costco stores in Canada, after they tested positive for melamine.

Sherwood, located in Rockville, Md., has numerous China-made candies on local store shelves, including Lolli Pups, bone-shaped lollipops, and Spooky Eyes Bubble Gum, the package of which states, ''May contain milk.''

Sherwood company officials did not return a phone call seeking comment."

The San Franscisco Chronicle had this advice:
"Any tips on avoiding tainted candy? You need to look through all the candy before the kids eat any of it. If it has any Chinese lettering on it, toss it. Some Chinese candies have been identified as containing melamine. That's what Formica counter tops are made of, and you don't want your kids eating that. You can find out about recalls by going to fda.gov/opacom/7alerts.html. "

Just buy American this Halloween!


Anonymous said...

and his youtube:

I bet a lot of his tips would work for you cause he has brown eyes as well.

And yes, Check all your candy this year!

Jenny said...

That was awesome I watched almost all of his Halloween vids first. Love the zipper eyes (gross!)

Anonymous said...

:D he's a master at makeup, I'm thinking on getting the books he mentions in one video