Oct 19, 2008

Guest Blogger

I asked Ella what I should tell the internet about our day, she dictated this:

"We went to the pumkpin patch. And we saw the J. family and we rided some rides and didn't get a pumpkin but we did fling pumpkins. We putted them in the little bag and pulled it and pulled it and pulled it and then let it go and it went really far. Mine didn't even break but Dan's breaked and flobbered all over the ground. And then we ate at a resturaunt next to the pumpkin patch. Now we're at home."


cameo said...

my kids went to the pumpkin patch today too!!!
(do do do do - twilight zone theme)

Debbie said...

Flobbered, huh. Great descriptive language. Maybe Ella can come in and be a guest lecturer at my school.