Oct 8, 2008


I had roller derby practice, Dan had a meeting. We both raced home directly after to see the recorded presidential debate. I popped a bag of kettle corn and grabbed two beers on the way to the couch. Dan put head phones on Ella and plugged her into Mulan on the computer. We all stayed up late watching intently. Dan and I were glad we didn't go with the plan of doing a shot every time someone said "Fundamental," we had things to get done today.


Chrissy said...

not to mention "my friends." that really started to sound like fingernails on a blackboard after a while.

arizona said...

My take on this last debate: our new president will be (to quote John McCain), "that one". I got my early voting ballot in the mail today, here in Arizona and after listening to both candidates ideas and plans, last night this "old radical left wing hippie, now a left leaning liberal independent" will be voting for Barack Obama to guide our country back on the road of prosperity and respect that we had lost these past 8 years. I am urging everyone who reads Bombadees blog to vote for Obama as well or we will surely lose our country and freedoms if he is not elected.

I am Lance "arizona" Wilson, and I approve this message.