Oct 7, 2008

Fun with Color

Check it out, I was at this website for hours experimenting with color. I don't feel like it's something I fully understand yet. I studied the color wheel and love to use color and can put things together pretty well but here's what I really don't understand... what colors to use while painting to make skin/people look vibrant. I think I should be layering purples and greens and yellows but I'm not exactly sure, and it's not something I learned in three years of painting classes. Really we all just did a painting a week and then we all showed up to discuss it in a group, there wasn't really an emphasis on the classic styles or discussion about methodology. I mean one chick just smeared paint and ranted on about her ex-boyfriends for a whole semester while critiques became a little navel gazing group therapy for her every week. I guess I'm just saying I wish I would've learned a little more classic methodology instead of being accepting of any angst expressed on canvas, but I didn't run the class. Perhaps an illustration course would've given me more. I mean how did Maxfield Parish do it?! So anyway, I'm playing with this website and thinking I'd like to smear some paint around and see if I can accomplish something. The website might give me a good starting point for what tubes of paint to squeeze first.

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