Oct 14, 2008


US and NATO forces killed at least 60 Taliban troops trying to take seize the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah of Helmand province in three waves of attacks over the weekend. Anytime I hear about shooting there it worries me, our neighbor and Pal, Dave is still there. But Dan thinks it's good news; if the Taliban is attempting grand gestures before winter to capture a moral victory than they are getting desperate, and there were no civilian casualties or US/NATO casualties. So yay for stopping the Taliban from advancing their control and here's hoping Obama can pull some troops out of Iraq to help my buddy in Afghanistan.


cameo said...

yesterday, i was thinking about that pic you posted when he left. why?
i dunno.
just one of those random things that pops into one's head.
here's to all of them getting home safe.
and sooner rather than later.
1-20-09, my friend.

Mike Lyons said...

If you're Taliban, real-life survival is a moral victory, isn't it?