Oct 3, 2008

6 Frustrating Things about the Debate

1. Just answer the question that was asked!

2. I'd like to say "Hi" to some 3rd graders who are stying up late and getting extra credit for this? (what? Who gives a shout out to 3rd graders during a serious debate about the future of health care, war, economy and the lives of millions of Americans? Thanks for taking it seriously.)

3. It's pronounced "New Clear" NOT "New Q Lur."

4. Only been at this for 5 weeks.

5. "Maverick" count 8.


arizona said...

At the risk of ruffling feathers, Sara Palin is a joke, and does not have any of the qualifications for the Vice President of the United States. McCain should have picked Condoleeza Rice if he wanted a compitent female running mate. Instead he picked "Hockey Mom" who is married to "Joe Six-Pack".

cameo said...

you forgot #6
bulls**t - bulls**t - bulls**t or regurge - regurge - regurge.
6-pack to one, half 12-pack to the other.