Oct 16, 2008


I want a president that treats women like they are people who deserve all the human rights American's enjoy. That means privacy and resepct when it comes to making desicions about their health. Does McCain really believe women have late tearm abortions all willy nilly just for the heck of it? Really?! Like a medical desicion like that isn't excrutiating and complicated enough for parents and the doctors already? And how can he say that he wouldn't apply a Litmus Test to supreme court justices before he appointed them and then, in the same breath, say judges who uphold Roe vs. Wade would not meet his qualifications for the role of justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. That's what applying a Litmus-Test means!


Anonymous said...

An excellent source for information about just how complicated this silly little "health" business is can be found here:


arizona said...

It's just another example of McCains erratic and out of touch notions that a woman has no choice when it comes to her body or her health. He is just too old and out of touch with reality and the needs of mainstream America. The sad thing is that his running mate, a woman no less, shares his outdated views on choice when it comes to abortions.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the link Jane I putit in the body of the text.