May 21, 2007

Stateline Roller Derby Divas

Thanks for all the support during the last month. I was amazed by all the comments, discussions, questions, well wishes and offers to help. I will take most of you up on those offers soon because I am please to announce, I and the women who left the old roller derby league started a new one. We completed month’s worth of paperwork and legal documents (in weeks), wrote bylaws, opened a bank account, found a few sponsors, designed a websites, made posters, and banners, found a practice space with a locker-room and recruited new skaters. We have enough women for one full team so far and are still looking for more motivated women who want to play. I am proud of us. I can hardly wait to get back on the track. We still have to get equipment for the new women, teach everyone what they’re doing and settle on a logo so we can get shirts made (that’s where you all come in, I’ll need you to buy some of those shirts, I promise they’ll be affordable.) Oh and we need to learn the new rules, they went from 9 pages to 20 and it’s hard for me to learn them until we are skating them. Was it all worth it? Hell yes! Even amidst all that work, my own stress level has fallen from “I’m ready to poke pencils in my ears!” to “Hey, who brought watermelon for after practice?” Skating is fun again. Karyn you were right.

Check out some of our hard work here.

Roller Derby Divas
Skater Run, Owned by None


cj_importsltd said...

Well done! Was hoping you would do that. Enjoy every minute of it. Olivia.

Jenny said...

Well, it was hardly me, just partly me, but thank you just the same.

TaterTot said...

I am proud to call myself a "co-founder" of the Stateline Roller Derby Divas and even more proud to announce to all that I "own" none of it. I may be a newcomer to the sport, but am lucky to have started when I did, with the women I have.

By the Skaters, For the Skaters:
A different way to derby in the stateline area.

BoomBoom Martini, #007
"I'll leave you shaken, not stirred"

Chrissy said...

Yay! I love new beginnings. I'm looking forward to getting a t-shirt with your logo on it.

Jenny said...

Hopefully we'll have them done before June.

Arizona said...

Congratulations Jenny! Good job of starting a new league of "skater run, owned by none" I was really hoping that would be the path you chose, and you'll see, it definitely will be worth it in the long run. I'll bet you will even have more skaters defect from the old league to join your new league once they see that it is being ran the way it should've been ran all along. now go out and KICK ASS !!!! Oh, by the way, I will buy one of your shirts,(I take a mens XL)! I'll be in Rockford from June 21st through the 28th so we will have to figure out a way for me to hook up with you so I can get one. I do know where "tiny town" is where you live, since I knew the Hennemans. Just think it will probably be the only "Stateline Roller Derby Divas" shirt in the whole state of Arizona!!

Jenny said...

We'll invite you out for beer after practice while you're here. Henneman's grandson coaches for us - he's Dr. Lucky and his wife will be skating with us too (no name yet).


Jo said...

Good for you! Putting your frustration into something so constructive. And you are having fun again. Yay!

cameo said...

rock the hell on jenny.
way to go.
that's the way it should be.
i think that's the coolest, most pro-active way to handle that crappy situation.