May 7, 2007


So two Sundays ago my old roller derby league had the giant meeting I’d been asking for. I wasn’t there. I’d been kicked out the week before. I heard first hand what happened. The Corporate Board Members passed two copies of the bylaws around to 35 women and told them they couldn’t have a copy and didn’t need a copy. In the face of questioning from the skaters, the Corporate Board changed the reasons for removing me from the league. I still haven’t been notified of these new reasons. A few skaters pointed out that the league is not operating within the parameters of the law and a handful of very respectable women quit and walked out at the end of the meeting.

There is so much more to say but I really want to just stick to unbiased facts. So there you have it draw your own conclusions.

I still have no way to know what is being said about me or what is being blamed on me now that I am gone and can’t defend myself. I’ve heard through the grapevine everything from tearing down the website in anger, to purposefully messing up print material to get them in trouble with the state (shakes head). I could address each accusation individually but who knows who actually said what and it’s easier to just simply say it’s not true. Besides, I really just don’t want any part of that mess anymore.

Perhaps someday I'll post it all, but not today.


Chrissy said...

: (

Jenny said...

yeah - sucky I know.

Anonymous said...

isn't it sad that there are probably more girls than you think in derby who want to speak out in support of you, but who are all, like me, afraid to put their names on anything for fear of getting kicked out too? what kind of atmosphere is that to skate in?
respectfully, and i hope you understand why,
anonymous for now

TaterTot said...

Tom asked me today if I was going to the bout...having been a front-row fan from the beginning.

My answer was quick and precise.


While I try to understand "Anonymous for Now" it is very hard for me. One should never fear to speak their mind, especially in support of a friend who has been wronged. There is no better reason I can think of.

One day I hope you find what it is you need to sign your name, speak loud and proud. We will share a cosmo and you can explain to me the allure of the derby. Until then, I will understand as I'm sure will Jenny. That's the kind of person she is.

Lisa P. said...

The Rockford Rage is NOT involved in illegal activities and I would urge you to watch what you say. You're walking a fine line here.

TaterTot said...

Lisa...your comment reminds me of a Johnny Cash song. I was a bit confused by it to be honest, at what point does Jenny accuse the Rage of being involved in illegal activites?

Fiasco is an appropriate title for this post my friend. This whole situation has morphed from something that was once a source of joy and purpose into something hurtful and ridiculous.

It's time for all parties involved to move on.

Jo said...

Talk about poison clouds. The ones that poison our minds are the worst. Sorry this is going on. You deserve better.

Jenny said...

Oh Jo wait until you read today's post. LOL

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that you lied straight up to so many people jenny, you really aren't the girl scout you are trying to percieve here. Trying to steal sponsers and skate rink time, are you kidding me... Do you have any originality at all with this "new league" Suburbanite Mothers with Girl Scout Rep's, or whatever. pretty "generic" for derby if you ask me. Have fun skating around with the few you have, and get back at us whenever you become WFTDA and we'll show you whats up...


here are some team name ideas for your new league as well

the brownies

the daisies

the juniors

shall i continue... derby is derby baby... and the girls that took a stand with you are definatley not derby. you are all a bunch of do no wrong, cant break the rules, mom of the year types arent you... hmmm girlscouts,
its really actually fitting for ya'll.

good luck in all you do, you'll really need it. Hope you set yourself a good salary as well. wouldnt want you doing all that shady work for nothing right....

-anonymous because i wouldnt dare join this blog site.

Anonymous said...

So Derby girls are really supposed to be girls who

-have little or no education
-are unemployed...oh I'm sorry you do work PT at Kohls
-have kids by 3 different daddys
-lie everytime they open their mouths
-leave their beloved children with strangers
-take baby's daddy to court every year to try and get more money....cuz your ass is too sorry to make any yourself
-jealous of every successful woman because it's a reminder of how much you have failed in your life

I'm sure most derby girls wouldn't agree with you. I'm a successful, professional, honest woman with integrity and I'm still a bad ass bitch...try me hooker!

Who's not afraid to sign my name,

Lisa Lockard Smith

TaterTot said...

Trying to "steal sponsors and skate rink time"? Wow, we're pretty good...considering the fact that I wasn't aware we even had any sponsors yet and that we are skating at local roller rinks during times scheduled for PUBLIC SKATES. How does one steal that time? Rough up the seven year olds in the parking lot and tell them they better go skate eslewhere 'cause this is our turf?

And am I seriously out of touch?Since when is it a put-down to be called:

- "do no wrong"
- "cant break the rules"
- "mom of the year" roller derby you have to do everything wrong, break all the rules and be a shitty parent? I better keep up with the new lingo so the next time a girl rolls up to me and says "You know're really smart" I will be ready to throw down. (yes, even I'm laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of it all)

While I appreciate "anonymous" wishing us good luck in our new venture (that really was VERY nice of you), I would suggest you work a bit harder on your bad-ass comments.

P.S. You don't have to JOIN this blogsite to sign your name. You just have to type the letters.

Sawyer Payne said...

You ALL need to stop the fucking insanity right now!!!!

Without trying to stir the pot here, there should be NO REASON for all this mudslinging and personal attacks! You guys got what you wanted when you left the started your own and good luck to you. Now go do your OWN thing and leave us out of it (AND our sponsors AND our skaters, AND not to mention refs)!


TaterTot said...

Lisa! Thank you so very much for your advice on pads last Thursday. I still need to buy some, my knees are scabbed and black and blue from my first fall and I'd prefer not to fall on them again without protection. I appreciated not only your advice, but another member of the Rage came up and asked me if I was alright following my fall. Very sisterly and very much appreciated by this newcomer to all things derby. I can use as much advice as those of you with experience are willing to share.

As far as all of the mudslinging, I couldn't agree with you more. It would be nice if "anonymous" would stop leaving comments here. It is very hard for me to read something nasty said about my pal and not feel the need to step up and say something. I'm sure you feel the same way about your friends. Jenny has become a target of personal attacks and unsubstantiated and false accusations and it needs to stop. If anonymous doesn't like what she is reading on this site, my advice to her would be to stop reading it. If someone has something specific to ask Jenny or want to clarify with her, they should contact her directly and ask. She has no secrets.

As far as doing our own thing, that is precisely what we are doing. We have no intention to steal anything from the Rage and those who want to participate in both leagues, as in refs, that would be their choice. If you or the Rage don't like it, you should take it up with them not us. We're not forcing anyone to do anything and have no issues if someone wants to sponsor or referee both leagues. Somehow the Rage and the Divas are going to have to learn to coexist without all of the hostility.

By the way...I found your MySpace page and see that you and I share another interest. All things Ewan!

aka TaterTot
aka Proud Member of the Stateline Roller Derby Divas

sawyer payne in yo ass said...


You're welcome (on the advice).

While I don't agree with anonymous posting that here, I'm sure he/she feels the same. Jenny has written things about the Rage and herself that we feel are just not true. It's hard for US to sit back as well. Eveyone has an opinion, and everyone is going to talk shit. That's a fact. My point of view is that the smack talk is best kept off of a public blog. It just makes everyone involved look like jackasses.

I'm not going to argue over stealing this or that, I could BUT I won't. While I agree with free will, and skatrs/refs being able to make their own decisions, you all know DAMN WELL that involving the Rage members in your league is a bad idea. It just seems to me like if you all want to put your own league together, then do it all yourselves. The Rage has already laid A LOT of groundwork for derby in the Rockford area. Why don't you do your own networking, find totally new refs and skaters? Find a solution as to a new place to practice? Because that's HARD? Well I am sorry but that's what you all wanted, so do it, that's ALL I'm saying. The burden lies on YOUR LEAGUE to find solutions to these problems, it's not and shouldn't be ours.

Sawyer Payne, Rockford Rage

Sandra D Molisher, Stateline Roller Derby Divas said...

I will skate at any public place that I want. I don't understand why I should stop skating because I am no longer with the Rage. Just because the Rage girls skate at an public venue doesn't mean I can't go there anymore. Sorry, my love of skating came way before the Rage was ever formed. It is hard for us too. But, I think we all are adult enough to know how to handle ourselves at a public skating venue. I don't see where there would be any problems. I don't go to the NWCC anymore because that is the Rage's place, I respect that. I am not out to cause problems. I am not trying to pull girls away from the Rage, not even sponsors. If someone leaves then it is their decision. I made my decision. The Rage was very clear they wanted me to leave, so I left.
I just want to skate.
I hope you could respect that.

TaterTot said...

You’re actually not a pain in my ass Lisa, but nice way to tie in your derby name. BoomBoom Martini in Yo Ass doesn't have the same ring, does it? (Although it does sound rather painful when you think about it.) I remember the night I met you at Jenny’s house and how I commented to her that you seemed full of piss and vinegar…someone I would instantly take a liking to. It’s too bad we have found ourselves on opposite sides of this (getting old fast) argument.

Everyone does have an opinion, you're absolutely right. As far as whether or not it's appropriate for a public blog site is a matter of choice. It's her blog and my thought is that she can post on it what she wants, if she looks like a jackass to some then so be it. Jenny can deal with it.

As to the "stealing this or that" I actually have issue with our league being accused of something that is unsupported and speculative. You "could BUT you won't"? Why not? The only sponsors we have to my knowledge at the time of this post are Jenny's dad's roofing company and her TinyTown Friends of the Library. Did the Rage really think they would retain these particular sponsors after they kicked her off the league? That's just silly now. If you have specific examples outside of these please speak freely, let me know in detail what it is the Divas are being blamed for now. If not, these broad accusations have no significance.

As for doing it ourselves, that is what we are doing. Do you disagree? Yes, the Rage did A LOT of groundwork for derby in the Rockford area...I believe Jenny should be afforded some of the credit for that. Is she expected to forget what it is she learned and sit in a corner quietly because the Rage kicked her out? How far should she go to freely participate in the sport she loves without stepping on the Rage's toes in your opinion? That league is going to have to reap what they sow. They didn't want her, her opinions, her skating or her services anymore so she took them elsewhere. There were others who disagreed with how she was treated and how the league was being run so they chose to leave. If, and I do mean IF, other skaters choose to do the same then that is their choice. That does not add up to stealing. Let me be clear here…the Stateline Roller Derby Divas are NOT actively recruiting members from the Rockford Rage. If we are approached by ANYONE and questions are asked, they are simply being answered. Nothing more, nothing less. I would expect your league to do no differently. There’s plenty of space in the Stateline area for both leagues. We are looking to form something dissimilar to the Rage here, skate and have some kick-ass fun…hopefully do a little good in the process. Why some people are seemingly pissed off about that is a mystery to me. I really don’t get it. I wish the Rage nothing but success in the future, and I'm sure once all of this bickering gets played out the Rage will wish the same for us (okay, maybe not...but I'm an optimist).

As for finding totally new refs and skaters...doesn't the Rage have a referee (with the bunny ears) that refs for another league? Why is it okay for him to do double duty for the Rage but reffing for two leagues that includes the Divas constitutes "stealing"? That makes no sense and if a referee is offering his or her services we aren't about to turn them down. C'mon now.

As to finding a new solution for places to practice, great advice…we're working on it. We're not skating anywhere or at anytime that anyone else isn't allowed to pay their money and skate. You are correct, the burden to find practice space for the Divas isn't yours so why did you think it was? I mean, don’t get me wrong if you have a suggestion I’ll take it though.

And as far as "that is what you all wanted" I am going to have to disagree with you. I have sat and listened to these women for the past two weeks as we put this new league together and what I have heard over and over again from all of them was that they wanted and intended to be proud members of the Rage. Since that was no longer an option (some by choice, some not) they created another. It’s as simple as that.

Thanks again for your advice, it was genuinely appreciated.

Jennie, Stateline Roller Derby Divas

TaterTot said...

Nicely put Sandy.

sawyer payne said...

Well it seems like there are many times and different places you could go skate at...why pick our recruitment night? Just to be defiant and say "we do it just because we CAN", well great for's like you guys never even left! You guys KNOW it's going to cause problems, I'm not stupid, there have been talks from your leader(s) to the owner of said rink. You guys know what what discussed and it was bogus to say the least.

Ok the sponsors you mentioned, were never sponsors of the Rage to my knowledge, so I'm not even talking about that. I never said you "stole" sponsors but there have been attempts. Again, I don't need to names, ask your leaders about this. I'm sure you'll get a different story, there always is, but whatev. Jennie, you only know half the story and that's all I can really say.

We do not have that ref as a FULL-TIME ref. He volunteers to help us out as needed or when he can. Plus, there isn't "bad blood" between the leagues, so to me, it's apples and oranges. So... it comes off again as "we're doing this to try and piss you off". There are other motivations behind this, again, not born yesterday!

What I'm saying about the burden is this, there's no reason to come to SkateCo. or ELSEWHERE (yeah you know where else) just to try and antagonize people from our league. Plus, it's perceived to be riding on the Rage's coattails---if you want a new, better league then DO SOMETHING NEW AND BETTER! I don't care what you do, as long as long as you leave us out of it. You do your thing, we'll do ours, and everyone is happy.

TaterTot said...

I don't need to ask "my leaders" anything. I am one of the leaders. Skater run, remember?

If I only know half the story Lisa, let me know when you have time to fill me in. I'll be glad to meet you for a beer.

AS for Elsewhere, I'm not sure what you mean. You may think I can decode your cryptic messages but I can't.

Anonymous said...

Sawyer said "it seems like there are many times and different places you could go skate at...why pick our recruitment night?"

Sawyer, good question. Actually, in the summer time the only open skates are thurs. 6:30-8:30, fridays 7-11 and sat. 2-4. Most of the girls cannot make the friday night skate, so we as a group could only make the thursday and sat. skate. We have only been planning for 2 weeks and we did not want to stop skating. We are looking into practice facilities and hope to have another place soon. Frankly, why should we not skate on thursdays? just because we don't skate with the Rage anymore? Everyone acted very mature and adult at skateco last thursday and I was surprised to hear all of the negativity about us skating there days later (and I have only heard it from you and annonymous on THIS blog)

We had no intentions of interfering with your league or any new recruits that were there to skate with you. I think we are all adult enough to handle ourselves in a professional manner. Actually we are still friends with many girls on the Rage, even if I wasn't involved in another league, I would still go skate with my friends on Thursday. Would you still complain about this? Should there be a posting at skateco stating that IF you join the Rage and skate on Thursday, please know that IF you quit the Rage you can no longer skate at Skateco?? I wonder if Adolf knows this.

Sawyer said "You guys KNOW it's going to cause problems" Why do I KNOW this? I thought we were all adults, is there someone I should be aware of that cannot control their behavior in public?

Sawyer said "I'm not stupid, there have been talks from your leader(s) to the owner of said rink. You guys know what was discussed and it was bogus to say the least."
Who are "the leaders"? Actually thursday I was waiting to talk to a friend, a Rage member, who was talking to Adolf. As I started to walk away, Adolf stopped me and asked me a friend and your co-skater can confirm this exactly.

Adolf asked if there was a split and I said unfortunately there was. He was very supportive of both leagues skating at skateco and we assured him there would be no problems....we then went on to other subjects not involving skating as I have spoken to him on several occassions not involving the Rage or skates period. I would be happy to go with you to discuss this with Adolf. I'm sure he would gladly answer any of your questions truthfully concerning our conversation. That was the ONLY time I have ever spoken to Adolf about this topic. I never said one negative word about the Rage. Adolf will tell you this, please just ask him.

Sawyer said "I never said you "stole" sponsors but there have been attempts. Again, I don't need to names, ask your leaders about this."
I have no clue what your talking about. I know I have not spoken to anyone about being sponsors. And, as far as us talking to your sponsors to "attempt" to steal them??? WHO??? Insinuating something without meaningless. Either you accuse us of something concrete that we can defend or your accusations are just a mere pathetic attempt to discredit us. Weak.

Sawyer said" it comes off again as "we're doing this to try and piss you off". There are other motivations behind this, again, not born yesterday!"
I don't think any of us are "trying to piss you off". I have always liked you as a person and have told you before I think you have a good heart and are very well-intentioned. I really don't know where all this hostility you have for us has come from. We just want to skate and love derby. I wish things hadn't ended the way they did with the Rage...but can't we all get over this. I know I am too old and way too busy to be planning and scheming about how I'm going to "piss off the Rage". I just love skating. I wish all of you luck and really hope the Rage succeeds. I have no ill will towards anyone. I've said it before, it would be great to skate against you guys.

Sawyer said "there's no reason to come to SkateCo. or ELSEWHERE (yeah you know where else) just to try and antagonize people from our league." I can only assume from your secretiveness that "ELSEWHERE" means White Pines and Skateland because thats the only other places any of our girls have ever skated at. And, again, why can't we go there. If the business says they do not allow ex-members of the Rage to skate there, I would definitely respect the owners decision.

Sawyer said "Plus, it's perceived to be riding on the Rage's coattails---if you want a new, better league then DO SOMETHING NEW AND BETTER! I don't care what you do, as long as long as you leave us out of it. You do your thing, we'll do ours, and everyone is happy."

Sawyer, first of all, I could care less what is "perceived" again...don't have the time to worry about what others think of me. We are trying to do our own thing. I'm not going on the Rage site or any Rage Member site and making any sort of comments...YOU are. If you don't care what we are doing....then please leave us alone. Your a very smart, intelligent woman and I know you have better things to do then to check Bombadee's Blog everyday and make rude and nasty comments. I must admit, I did respond to annonymous myself in a not so nice manner but I will defend what I believe in. I just don't have time to do it everyday. It's got to be really mentally exhausting for you and I'm sorry people feel they have to waste their time doing all of this. Please, just move on. If you see us, just ignore it so hard?


TaterTot said...

I think your hard to ignore Annsanity, cause your just so damn stunning. (snickers overheard as the keyboard plinks away)

Yes, I have NO life and check this blog every five minutes throughout the entire day. It has become my OBSESSION to post cunning comments riddled with CAPS and ...'s


BoomBoom Martini, A Roller Woman off her Rocker.

Falkenheart said...

It's me Falkenheart, you know me. When I first saw all this happening, I got very upset, I still am actually... I'm more heartbroken than anything. It's all this "she said she said" drama babble. Things are being said and fingers are being pointed. This saddens me. I don't know who did what, why, where, When and how. I don't care either. I hope the Rage and Divas can put aside their qualms, and that this works out for all.

Jenny said...

Thanks for your comment Falkenheart; it means a lot to me that you remember me. Just know that I am working hard to help the new league and the sport as a whole grow and move forward. We have a few new skaters and are very excited about our new practice space. Onward and upward I say! I guess the good news is you'll have double the opportunity to see a bout in the future. ;)

Falkenheart said...

I don't know. This pretty much was more or less of a deterrent for me. I hope you can understand that my heart and mind are devoted to the Rockford Rage. I wish you and your league the best, I do. But in my best judgement I'm sticking with the Rage. If the divas and the rage ever face off against each other when you're both really established. But I'm a devoted fan. And you are a nice person. But there are nice people affiliated with the rage. I think it was a big misunderstanding on all sides. I just hope all differences can be worked out, and that both sides can bury the hatchet...

Jenny said...

I understand and of course you are always welcome.