May 24, 2007

Gravity is fun

Tonight is our first night at the new practice facility. I am so excited to be able to suit up and show the new roller-women some falls. It’s really quite fun to skate as fast as you can and then take a dive. I’m like an albatross doing a crash landing, skidding, rolling, spinning, dancing with gravity across the floor in a semi controlled collision with earth. When you’re doing it right it looks dramatic but doesn’t hurt (much). Falling is an important thing to learn is roller derby. The fact is everyone takes hits and everyone falls down and everyone must do it safely and be able to get back up without putting hands on the floor (in three seconds). I’ve rolled over fingers before and it grosses me out every time. It feels like when your car goes over train tracks and then I get a gross feeling in the bottom of my stomach thinking about it. BLEAH! Falling is the second thing we teach roller-women, the first being how to stay up.

Next to finger painting with the kiddo it’s the best playing I do.


Chrissy said...

When I fist started skating, I was terrified to fall. Now it's my favorite thing to do! We had a new recruit the other night who was a natural at falling and getting up correctly, but could not bring herself to do the double-knee fall, which is my favorite. I love seeing women have a fear, face it, and then get over it. It gives me chills!

TaterTot said...

Falling last night would have been a much more enjoyable experience if everytime my knees went down my pads didn't stick like glue forcing me face first into the floor.