May 30, 2007

It's Sometimes Crowded Around Here

She’s all grown up now, she’ll plainly show you that she’s applied her own band-aids to her own knees and she can open the frigerator and forage for cheese and grapes on her own, she can even start her own movie in the DVD player and let the dog out to pee. She’ll tell you all about the smart parts she has, she knows lots of things including her phone number and how to count all the way up to forty-twenty which comes right after forty-seventeen and forty-nineteen. (You’d think forty -eighteen would be in there somewhere but that just proves how much you don’t know.) Perhaps the best data she retains is the endless list of imaginary people and the exotic names they go by. Just the other day we had Foofala-Rose-Pretty over for jelly sandwiches. I always thought I was pretty good at putting names with faces but its extra difficult when the face is imaginary. It’s such a relief we have Ella to remind us who is here and what their names are, otherwise we’d have imaginary strangers hanging out in out bath tub all the live long day.

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