May 3, 2007

Too many

It's been a crazy little couple of weeks for everyone and I have so many things to blog about I'm overwhelmed so I'll give you a choice, what would you like to hear about first?

A. The giant poison cloud that floated over our town
B. The Roller Derby "conspiracyzing"
C. The developer that caused 40 people to call my house
D. Ella learns to read... kinda
E. The seeds we planted that will grow into a business
F. How I learned I was a sexist when it comes to music and how I'm changing
G. My birthday


Anonymous said...

Poison cloud?

Arizona said...

I know about the poisonous cloud that developed there in Seward, Illinois, my youngest son works at Seward Screw Products and they had to evacuate that night. (By the way I'm the one who used to live in Northern Illinois and commented about your photo looking like it was taken from Highway 20 looking North. I signed that comment as anonymous, but since I live in Arizona, and I now follow your blog, I decided to sign all my comments as Arizona.)The poisonous cloud made the news all the way here in Phoenix, and I also read the Rockford Register Star on line, as well as your blog. I also knew Betty and Clay Henneman, as I used to date Sheila Henneman back in the early 70's. Sheila lives out here in Anthem, Arizona now, but I haven't seen her in over 30 years. But enough of my rambling, back to the question at hand. Personally I would like to hear more about the Roller Derby conspiracy, because that did seem to generate the most comments from those who read your blog.

TaterTot said...

I know about all of these, with one exception...

F. How I learned I was a sexist when it comes to music and how I'm changing

Waz up wit dat?

cj_importsltd said...

F -- How I learned I was sexist when it comes to music...sounds intriguing!!

cameo said...

i wanna know about the business, and the music.
do tell.

Paula said...


Jenny said...

Ok music it is! all the rest will come later. don't fret.

Chrissy said...