Oct 25, 2009


This is what I'll be doing tonight. It'll be blonds vs brunettes aka pink vs black. I am on the pink/blond team tonight. Send us some good juju so that we all play hard and all (both teams) make it out in one piece. There will be a bake sale and hopefully we'll pack the house and make gobs of money for our travel team to get to Nationals. (I'll call you after wards and let you know I'm ok mom.)


arizona said...

Good luck tonight Jenny! How did you ever get on the blonde team??!!

Dan said...

I'm not making any comments about how she got on the blonde team. But it was probably the best I've ever seen Jenny play. I love you!

Jenny said...

AZ Thank you for luck. And they had to even the teams so some ladies ended up on the other team.

Dan, Thank you, that means a lot. Hopefully it'll just get easier and easier. I love you too.