Oct 7, 2009

Breaking News in Australia

Sometimes I have to click on the BBC news to see what's happening in the world without being subjected to dancing with the stars or David Letterman's crotch. It turns out there is a fair amount of good news in Africa, tense news in Asia, boring news in Europe and Sad news in South America.

Australia's top story is this: Australian fans face booze limit. Australian police are gearing up for an annual crackdown on motor-racing fans - limiting race-goers to 24 cans of beer a day.

I say, if that is your top story Australia, I want to live there.

"...The "one-slab" limit was first imposed in 2007, with police insisting drunken hooligans were tarnishing the reputation of the race and causing disruption in town..."

1 comment:

Shell said...

i think i heard that comment in 1994, but about me. lol

"drunken hooligans" love it!