Oct 20, 2009

Fall Goodness

Last Thursday was Ella's school music program, it was absolutely adorable (video to come.) Then on Sat. we went with pals to the Renaissance Fair for Fairy Day and total fun. Sunday and Monday roller derby and Tuesday and Wednesday too (yay!) Ella's made some friends in the neighborhood and today ran outside after school yelling over her shoulder "I'm going out to play!" We are looking forward to picture day, Cirque de something-or-other in the park for free on Friday, the balloon rally at NASA on Saturday, a derby bout on Sunday (yes, I'm skating,) then next week Halloween, and the air show. I'm hoping to add in there finishing this painting, blogging, pumpkins, a field trip to the bayou, a resale shop trade and a few trips to the library or half priced books. Now you are all caught up on what is good. (Hi Mom! - Love you.)


Jenny said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time :D

Jenny said...

we did and it's going to keep going.